Dance with Us

enrollment is now open for fall PBJ and academy classes

New students are invited to take a trial class for $25.
Visit our Enrollment + Tuition Page for more information.

Studio Policies



SHOW RESPECT FOR FACULTY AND STAFF, FELLOW STUDENTS, AND YOURSELF. All students, faculty, staff, and parents are expected to conduct themselves in a supportive manner, with every dancer given the same opportunity to learn and participate, and the space to do it in. A cooperative environment is essential for learning. 

RESPECT THE STUDIO SPACE. Keep it clean and neat. Pick up after yourself, especially trash that you generate or that you see. Make sure your clothes and other personal items are neat and in the appropriate place when you’re in class and when you’re not.

COME PREPARED. This includes the appropriate dress, shoes, and grooming for participating in your class.

BE ON TIME. Punctuality and consistent attendance is expected of all LABA students. If tardiness cannot be avoided, enter the class very quietly.

SILENCE YOUR MOBILE PHONE. Place it in airplane mode or turn it off completely - not just set it to vibrate - so that it will not disrupt class from your bag.

Lost + Found

In keeping with our revised safety protocols, please know that any items left at the Studio will be disposed of on Saturday evenings, the end of our Studio week. Thank you for your understanding.