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Frequently Asked


Where are you located?

Los Angeles Ballet Academy is centrally located in the San Fernando Valley at the intersection of Ventura Blvd. and Sepulveda Blvd. Our address is 15255 Ventura Blvd., Annex 3, Sherman Oaks, 91403, with the entrance to our studio located behind and underneath the Union Bank building on Moorpark Street.


Where's the entrance to the studio?

The entrance to our studio is tucked away underneath the Union Bank Building on Moorpark Street. Just follow the walkway that runs alongside the entrance to the underground monthly parking garage.

What's the earliest age a dancer can start at LABA?

Our PBJ (Primary Ballet Jazz) program accepts dancers as young as 3 years of age in our Intro to Dance class. Your young dancer should be potty trained and able to separate from you for the duration of the class. All PBJ dancers should be able to follow directions and wear a mask.

What styles of dance does LABA offer?

In addition to ballet, we also offer classes in contemporary and jazz, as well as conditioning and pilates reformer classes designed to help dancers improve strength, balance, flexibility, and control.

Pilates reformer is considered a private/semi-private class, with priority given to Team Soloists. Please visit our Enrollment + Tuition page for rates.

*We are currently restructuring our tap and hip hop divisions and will be offering classes again in the near future.

Does LABA have classes for boys?

Boys are welcome (and encouraged) to enroll in any of our dance classes. As with our tap and hip hop divisions, we are restructuring our Boys Program and look forward to restarting our Boys Dance Program soon.

What class level do I sign up my dancer for?

PBJ dancers aged 3 thru 7 are placed in classes based on their age. Dancers must reach the age requirement by September 1st.

For Academy dancers, aged 7 and up, please contact the front desk to schedule a trial class for assessment. Your dancer will be evaluated by an instructor and placed in the appropriate level. This applies to all dance styles (ballet, contemporary, jazz)

Conditioning classes are based on the dancer’s age.

Please visit our Enrollment + Tuition page for more information, as well as links to our online registration portal.

The Academy semester has already begun. Can I still register my dancer?

LABA offers rolling registration through the Fall semester and the first 3 months of our spring semester.

NOTE: students registering after January 1st may not be eligible to participate in the Royal Academy of Dance (RAD) exams. students registering after April 15th, students call still register for technique classes but will not be eligible to participate in the Spring recital.

What is the appropriate attire for my dancer to wear?

Students are expected to be properly dressed for their class/Grade level, according to LABA’s Dress Code, and hair must be in a bun for ballet or smoothed and pulled back away from the face for other dance styles.

Shoes should be properly fitted and safe for dance. Street shoes are NOT permitted on the dance floor. No jewelry, other than stud earrings, are permitted in any class.

Students who are not properly dressed will be asked to leave the class.

When can my dancer expect to go on pointe?

Students wishing to dance en pointe will need to be evaluated and meet the following minimum requirements:

  • be at least eleven years of age
  • be enrolled in and consistently attending at least three (3) ballet classes per week
  • exhibit sufficient strength and control

To help young dancers fulfill the above criteria by the time they are of age to be evaluated, our curriculum offering includes pre-pointe classes designed to strengthen and condition the student’s feet. Pre-pointe classes are optional, but highly recommended during both the Grade 4 and Grade 5 years for students wishing to dance en pointe.

Why am I not allowed to watch my child dance?

Throughout COVID, LABA has continued to maintain rigorous safety protocols at the studio for the safety and well-being of our faculty and dancers, especially those who are still ineligible for the vaccine. Therefore, we are currently permitting only dancers, faculty, and staff in the studio.

We continue to welcome parents into the lobby to consult with the front desk regarding any questions or concerns, but ask that once finished, parents wait outside for their dancers

How do you sew ribbons on dance/pointe shoes?

Ribbons on ballet shoes is an exciting milestone in a student’s journey in dance. Please take a look at these two helpful tutorial videos to learn how to sew ribbons on your ballet shoes or pointe shoes.

If you still find yourself struggling or have additional question, feel free to ask your ballet instructor or one of the staff at the front desk.

What performance opportunities are there for my dancer?

Academy students who are enrolled by April 15th are invited to perform in LABA’s year-end Spring Recital. And while participation is not mandatory, we highly encourage all of our eligible dancers to participate in the Recital.

Additional opportunities are also available throughout the Academy year for those students who are members of LABA’s performance and competition teams. Team membership, including solos, are by audition and invitation of the Directors.